10 Under 35 Changemakers in Ghana You Need to Know.


There is a new generation of young Ghanaians who are refusing to follow the status quo in their society. They do not want to grow old before they create the change they want to see in the society. They have taken the challenge to develop and create opportunities for other youth in Ghana.

This is the Ghanaian version of a previous article titled 10 Under 35 Changemakers in Kenya You Need to Know. The focus of this post is to celebrate our young heroes and to let them know that their work and contribution to the development of the nation is seen and well appreciated. Africans need to celebrate their heroes no matter how small their efforts may be.

Meet the awesome 10 young Ghanaians who are creating change and contributing to the development of Ghana.These people are mentors to several young Ghanaians. These young people were selected from sectors…

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